Submission Guidelines

The conference organizers call for innovative paper submissions describing knowledge beyond the state of the art in the area pHealth as outlined above.
Submission should address – but are not limited to – the following topics:
Wearable and implantable devices and systems
  • Sensors and sensing technologies, actuators and patient diagnostic systems
  • Bio-signal processing and analysis
  • Wireless body area network
  • Sensor pattern recognition and data fusion
Solutions for personalized care and food safety (nutrition)
  • Personalized diagnostics, care, therapy, and rehabilitation
  • Addressing food safety with smart systems
  • Biomedicine, biomechanics, bioelectronics, bio-photonics and pHealth
  • Artificial organs
Data and knowledge management and methodologies
  • Big (bio) data and the quantified self
  • Business analytics and visualization
  • Secure data sharing across trust domains
  • Personal health records, patient-centered data management, and cloud services
  • Data processing and algorithm in eHealth and pHealth
Interoperable ICT and telemedicine
  • Connected health and integrated care
  • Cross-domain and cross-border health information systems and services
  • Telemedicine and home hospital
  • Multi-scale and multi-level decision support systems
  • Success stories and failure reports
mHealth applications
  • Bridging mHealth and pHealth applications
  • Health behaviour changes and behavioral Health services
  • Inclusive user interfaces for pHealth
  • Wellness apps, ambient assisted living, active healthy aging, and lifestyle management
  • Certification of mHealth and mobile devices for eHealth and pHealth
Security, privacy, safety, and ethics issues in pHealth
  • Identity management, trust and trustworthiness as enablers for pHealth
  • Security, privacy, privacy enhancing technologies, and ethics in pHealth
  • Socio-technical approaches to security in healthcare
  • Future needs for regulation, certification and labelling
  • Medication and patient safety issues
Challenges and solutions in health education and training
  • BME and MP education, training and professional development
  • Education of biomedical engineering and medical physics professionals
  • Education of other important user groups including patients and social circles
  • Education of general public concerning pHealth, wearables, etc.
Game for personalized health
  • Gamification of health care from a patient perspective
  • Serious games for training health care professionals
  • Games for public health care
  • Game development tools used for the creation of health technology
  • Virtual / augmented / mixed reality games for health
Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) in identity management, health and medicine
  • Innovative use of blockchain technology for medical records
  • Blockchain for verification of medical treatment and information
  • Blockchain for tracking of medical processes / objects / and pharmaceuticals
  • Identity and data management in the context of health and medicine